Small Business Articles

Food Service Insurance: Financial Protection Your Company Needs

Whether you’re a caterer, food truck operator, meal prep company, or other organization focused on the culinary arts, you need financial protection in case you suffer a loss or get sued. Depending on the type of work you do, you may need one or more of what are referred to collectively as food service insurance policies.

Real Estate Agent Insurance: Vital Financial Protection

If you’re a real estate agent or own a real estate company, you need adequate insurance coverage for your business. There are various policies that together are often referred to as real estate agent insurance. They can protect your business from the costs associated with lawsuits and losses from things like property damage.

Protect Your Business With Auto Service Insurance

If your company services vehicles, you face many business risks. Service centers are busy places where it’s easy for employees to suffer injuries, so you need to protect them financially from the resulting medical bills. If you damage a customer’s vehicle, they can sue you, and a court can find you liable for the cost of repairs.

How Financial Advisors Insurance Protects Your Business

Working as a financial advisor or operating a financial services firm comes with several risks, from liability over the services you provide to incidents like slip-and-fall accidents when clients visit your office. The cost of lawsuits in these and other scenarios can be high, including court-awarded damages and legal defense expenses.

1099 Workers Comp Explained: An Essential Guide

One of the most important types of insurance a small business can have is workers’ compensation (also called workers’ comp or workman’s comp). That’s because workers’ comp covers medical bills and lost wages for employees who are hurt in on-the-job accidents—and incidents can and do occur in any type of setting in every industry. Workers’ comp coverage benefits the employee, of course, but also the company since assisting employees with their healthcare expenses builds goodwill and helps the employee return to work sooner.